Exploring the boundary between pilgrimage and travel

Shared Pilgrimage is a new venture joining Angela and Bram's love of culture, history, travel, and yoga.  With over forty years of combined experience teaching and traveling, they have come together to share their stories and curate unique travel offerings (with you in mind).  As we share stories from our pilgrimages with you, we hope you join us on one of our upcoming retreats.

Angela and Bram in Dougga (Thugga), Tunisia

"The universe is made of stories, not atoms"

Muriel Rukeyser's quote reminds us of the power of stories. Stories inspire us and connect us to others. We regularly share our travel stories on Shared Pilgrimage. You can subscribe to have them delivered to your inbox. No need to worry about scrolling through social media posts.

Meet pilgrims like you

Join a community that shares the same curiosity about deeper and more meaningful travel.

A bit about Angela and Bram

Angela Rauscher

Angela is a Professional Level Yoga Educator (E-RYT 500-hr+, YACEP), Reiki Master, Chakra Coach, and Global Retreats Leader.  She recently moved to Charleston, SC from New York City, where she founded Shiva Shakti School of Yoga, NYC.  She has been a world traveler and student of yoga since 1998.

Bram Hubbell

Bram taught high school world history in New York City for over twenty years. He blended together his passions for travel and learning about other cultures in his classes. Bram also regularly traveled with students to the Middle East and India. He now writes Liberating Narratives, a newsletter helping world history teachers decolonize their classes. He is also a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200-hr) and has been practicing yoga since 1990.

Bram and Angela in Chania, Crete
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